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Women’s flat track derby association

You will hear us talk a lot about “WFTDA” - the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. This is the official governing organization for the sport internationally. Their website is, and it is full of invaluable information about rules, skills tests, and current roller derby events. We highly recommend you add it to your favorites bar!

Roller con

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Gear recommendations

We know it can be intimidating shopping for gear - there’s a lot to choose from, and the amount of information about derby gear is overwhelming. Here are some of our recommendations for new skaters, and for those who are ready to kick it up a notch and invest in some gear that will have you bout-ready. Check it out!

roller derby names

Focus on nailing your skating down first, but once you’ve finished your four month training and passed your minimum skills and rules test, you can claim your name and number. It’s a big deal! Congratulations! There can only be one skater or ref by each name, so make sure yours is unique by checking here.