Who are we?

Durango Roller Girls are an all-female women’s flat-track roller derby league based out of breathtaking Southwest Colorado. DRG was founded in 2009 and is skater-owned, operated, and not-for-profit. We are an official member league of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

By the players, for the players. DRG treats roller derby as the serious and competitive sport it is. We are not a recreational roller derby league. DRG ladies train hard and live derby. We take pride in our professionalism and athletic skill. We provide a safe environment for strong, dedicated women, and men, to come and identify with their strengths, get physically fit, have a good laugh, and feel a part of something, all while playing a true contact sport.

A DRG member recognizes and appreciates each skater’s accomplishments and what she, or he, can bring to the league – as each of us, no matter our size, skill level, and ability, has something great to offer.

We have set structures and policies that our players adhere to in order to ensure we conduct ourselves professionally, act in the best interest of the league, and keep ourselves and others safe at all times. DRG members also pride themselves on our connection with the community through quality relationships with our sponsors, volunteers, and fundraisers. The Durango Roller Girls are excited and honored to do our part to help this sport grow and capture the interest of people across the world.